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May 1 2021

DAYDREAM is a follow-up EP to Yan's debut studio album Are There Any Rules? 
It is comprised of Live Studio versions of two tracks from Are There Any Rules?, and a new original piano piece called La Rêverie.

The reworked tracks on this EP are Guilty  and He is Watching
The Live Studio version of Guilty features Alex Severinets on electric guitar, Sergey Krutik on keys, and Dima Graziani on drums.

The Live Studio version of He is Watching also features Alex on electric guitar (with an incredible solo in the outro), Sergey on keys, and Dima on drums. 
Yan Simon re-recorded the vocals for these two special versions in a single take. 

The EP concludes with a piano piece called La RêverieThis is a piece Yan wrote years ago.
He originally intended to include it on the 
Are There Any Rules? album, but decided it didn't belong.

Both He is Watching and Guilty are very personal songs. The former deals with the death of Yan's dad Leonid, and the latter with the aftermath, including the falling out of several family relationships.

La Rêverie, which means daydreaming in French, poignantly captures how Yan feels about that chapter in his life - caught between the margins of reality and a dream, struggling to accept things as they are. 

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