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Yan Simon is a singer, songwriter, theatre composer, and pop-artist based in Toronto.
Deriving his inspiration from pop icons such as Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, and ABBA, Yan synthesizes his classical piano training with his love for the theatrics, creating a unique theatre-pop sound and an unforgettable musical experience.

Yan Simon's songwriting roots begin in high school, where he found comfort in writing songs about his life. It wasn't until Yan was in university that he was tasked with writing an 11-track score for an original musical play, produced by a local community theatre. This original score received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience, which inspired Yan to pursue a solo career as a musician. This musical soundtrack is available for streaming here.

Since 2021 Yan Simon has been regularly performing solo in Toronto pubs, open mics, and in collaboration with other local artists, earning the reputation of a powerful live vocalist. Yan often plays his original songs, as well as acoustic piano renditions by Lady Gaga, Queen, Elton John, and more.

Everything from Yan's rich baritone to his graphic eyeliner tells the same story: love who you are, and inspire others to do the same.

Are There Any Rules? Yan Simon

In the spring of 2019 Yan Simon started recording his debut studio album Are There Any Rules?.
Written by Yan and produced by multidisciplinary musician Dima Graziani, Are There Any Rules? was released on all streaming platforms on August 1st, 2020.  Listen to Are There Any Rules? on your
preferred streaming app right here.


The album features nine original tracks penned by Yan. Intended to chronicle a coming-of-age story, this record is both a self-confrontation and a love letter to those who have lost again, and again, and again.
The album deals with themes of love, queerness, and death.

Are There Any Rules? is accompanied by an online immersive experience that Yan created to share his artistic process.
The Experience includes lyrical breakdown, raw vocal recordings and early song drafts, exclusive downloads of instrumental tracks, and more.
Delve into the making of this album right here.
Are There Any Rules? is also available on CD and vinyl. You can order your very own copies right here. Your order will include a collectible card, and a handwritten note from Yan. Your support is immensely appreciated.

In 2021 Yan Simon released an EP titled DAYDREAM, a short compilation comprised of live studio versions of two songs from Are There Any Rules? as well as a new, original piano piece titled La Rêverie.

Each track on DAYDREAM  was recorded in a single take in order to present the two songs in the raw, emotional way in which they were conceived.
Stream DAYDREAM on your preferred streaming app right here.

Yan Simon Hero

In August of 2021 Yan Simon released Hero, his first stand-alone single. Yan premiered Hero with an epic music video. Filmed in downtown Toronto, and executive-produced by Yan, the music video was an independent collaboration with videographer Izekh and choreographer Shawn Sherman. Watch the Hero music video right here.
"...By the time the song reaches the bridge the mix has grown to a cinematic Pop/Rock wall of sound with Freddy Mercury-worthy choral vocal arrangements, a big rock beat and some rocking power chords." - The Static Dive

Hero was followed by the darker, introspective single Clear Lines. Dealing with themes of mental health and relationships, Clear Lines was accompanied by an artistic film directed and produced by Yan Simon, and filmed by Izekh in Toronto's Tommy Thompson Park. Watch the Clear Lines music video right here
"...Yan Simon does it all with a restraint that is admirable when it could so easily have gone proper broadway and big stage musical. Arty stuff and a fine study by an artist who knows how to push our buttons." - mp3hugger

Cover Art.jpg

Yan Simon's next single was a sweet love song titled Hey Boy. Dedicated to his boyfriend, Hey Boy tells the story of their long-distance relationship. Featuring an incredibly catchy chorus, trumpets, and heartfelt lyrics, Hey Boy was created to make you smile. Hey Boy received airtime on numerous internet radio stations, as well as on the 96.9FM radio station in Toronto.
Yan conceived the idea for the music video during his photoshoot for the single's artwork. Filmed in a tattoo shop that doubles as a photo-studio in Toronto's midtown, here is the Hey Boy music video.
"The release has a ton of elements that show the artists knack for writing pop singles but it's the vocals that really shine on this one. There is a youthful gusto and energy that makes the song feel alive and breathing and it certainly leaves an impactful mark." - The Sounds Won't Stop

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