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"Preparing for the fall"

Written and performed by Yan
Produced by Dima Graziani

"I wanna open up and just let it go"

PFTF Lyrics
 The Story
PFTF Demos
The Process
Embroidered Bird
April 5th, 2019: Production on the album officially begins, and Preparing For The Fall is first in line to be produced!
August 2018: The idea for "Preparing For The Fall" came to me during an actual car ride on a country road, and the sky really was on fire. The photo above was taken by me during that very moment.
This recording below is the first
 full draft of this song, which I recorded at home on my phone a couple of days later.
I recorded these harmony ideas at home, in preparation for the last studio vocal recording session.
Watercolor Stain
I recorded this segment on my phone - it was originally planned to be added as a backing melody underneath the theme, but it never actually made it into the final version of the song.
Acoustic Performance
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