Ripple Effect

"project X"

Written and performed by Yan
Produced by Dima Graziani

"It passes and it goes, the rhythm never slows"

Dry Leaf
The Story
Ripple Effect
The Process
Hand Mirror
Sketch Arrow
This is that same melody played on piano, in it's near-final version. I recorded this on May 23rd of 2018.
Inception: May 2018. I came up with this
melody and hummed it into my phone while at a conference for camp counselors.
This melody started it all, and eventually became the bridge of project X.
"Do You Ever Wonder" was taking shape.
I recorded this piano demo on my phone in May of 2018.
Crystal Rock
Ripple Effect
Dry Leaf
The vocal recording sessions for project X started in October of 2019. This was the sixth song to be produced for the album.
Scribble 2